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A deck is more than just a space to sit and relax. A good deck installation is a style statement guaranteed to boost the overall appearance of your property and improve the value of your home. However, the real value of a deck or any outdoor installation for that matter is how well it can meet the needs of the homeowner and stand up to the elements with as little maintenance as possible.

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Wood is the most popular material for deck construction. It has a classic appearance that gives your deck an elegant appearance guaranteed to improve the curb appeal of your property. Wood is also quite affordable and will last for as much as 50 years depending on various factors including the type of wood use, maintenance practices, and weather conditions. Wooden decks can be made from treated wood, cedar, or hardwood each with their specific pros and cons and at different costs.

Composite wood is an eco-friendly and highly durable deck construction material. It is made from wood particles and recycled plastics and has an appearance that is just as elegant as that of regular wood but without the maintenance needs of wood. Although typically more expensive than wood, minimal maintenance makes up for the high installation cost in the long run. Composite wood is suitable for deck construction around pools, patios, and pretty much anywhere else and will last for many years.

“I have never been as satisfied with the quality of a home installation as I am with the wooden deck installation from Tampa Deck builder. The quality looks really good and I love it” – Dan W.

No matter how cool and magnificent your patio is, it can only get better with a patio cover installation. Installing a patio cover over your standard patio space helps to keep protect people that use your patio from direct sunlight, moisture, and other weather elements. In addition to making the space a lot more comfortable, a patio cover will also help improve the lifespan of your patio material as it effectively prevents damage due to exposure to the elements. Patio covering options we install include awnings, lattices, Umbrellas, and Pergolas.

Are you moving into a new home with an old deck or you are simply tired of your old deck and you want to spruce it up? You can order our deck remodeling services. We can redesign and replace your old boring deck with a new and improved one with extra features that will improve the beauty and functionality of such an essential outdoor living space. We can use the same material as your existing deck or carry out a complete replacement service as the case may be. Tampa Deck Builder offers deck redesign and remodeling services that are customized to your specif needs and suited to suit the architectural style and structure of your property.

“I love the integrity and transparency of these guys. I was carried along on every step of the project and I really felt like a part of the whole process. They didn’t just go ahead and install anything. They made sure it was exactly what I wanted and I am satisfied with the outcome” – Walter H.

Pergolas are open structure garden or backyard installations that serve as a relaxation spot, housing for garden plants, or covering for hammocks among other purposes, pergolas come in a wide range of designs. They may be built as standalone structures or built over a deck. Many pergolas have an open roof design although it is also possible to have screens, lattices, or any other decorative roofing. Pergolas can be constructed from vinyl or steel material and serve both functional and decorative purposes. Installing a pergola in your yard can boost the appearance and value of your property.

Pavilions are free-standing structures that are similar to small houses or kiosks that are constructed away from the main building. Pavilions are flexible architectural structures that have been in use for centuries. In places like ancient Italy and even today, they still serve a wide range of purposes from spaces for food preparation to banqueting areas and as meeting points or relaxation spots. You can have a custom pavilion designed and installed in your yard. We design premium quality wooden and vinyl pavilions with dimension, color, style, and design fully customized to your preferences.

“These guys are obviously very experienced and good at what they do. Service delivery is top-notch. I’ll recommend this company for any type of deck installation.” – Jerome P.

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Founded on a culture of trust and quality customer service, Tampa Deck Builder is dedicated to delivering custom deck installation and remodeling solutions that are not only built to last but also satisfy the needs of our clients fully. We are deck design and construction experts with a stunning reputation with homeowners, building developers, and businesses in Tempa. We build quality decks, patios, pergolas, and pavilions with a promise of exceptional service on every job.


For wooden deck and composite wood deck installation, get in touch with Tampa Deck Builder. We install wooden decks of all sizes, styles, and dimensions. We also deal with composite deck materials that are fitting for your home style and architecture. We are experts designers and installers of various outdoor fixtures like pergolas and pavilion and specialize in deck remodeling and restoration services as well. Our desk installations are quality, built to last, and are customized to the specific needs of our clients.

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